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LockoftheDay.com ~ online since 2002 ~ Nine straight winning seasons. Consistently delivering winning NFL picks, college football picks, NBA picks, NCAA basketball picks, (no baseball picks), and more…


 2012 Record:

Nov 2012 Record:
*Lock Of The Month WINNER!: Patriots -6.5 @ Jets win 49-19.


Oct 2012 Record: 14-9
*Lock Of The Month WINNER!: Washington +4.5 outright winner vs Oregon State


Sept 2012 Record: 10-12
*Week One Lock WINNER


March 2012 Record:  17-6
  *Perfect Elite 8, Perfect Final Four, 7-0!


January 2011 Record: 24 - 23
  *College Football Lock Of The Month WINNER!: Fiest Bowl Winner


February Record: 17 - 10
  *NFL Lock Of The Month WINNER!: Superbowl Prop Winner


March Record: 20 - 13
  *College Basketball Final Four: 3-0 in Final Four! Both semi-final game winners & UCONN Championship WINNER!:


September 2011 Record:  9 - 10
  *Week 1 Lock WINNER!


October 2011 Record:  16 - 10
  *Lock Of The Month WINNER!  Lions -3 win 45-10, covers by 32 pts!!


November 2011 Record:  14 - 12
  *Lock Of The Month WINNER!  Saints/NYG OVER covers by 21 pts!!!


December 2011 Record:  12 - 9
  *Lock Of The Month WINNER!  Patriots beat Denver by 18 pts!!!




January Record: 24 - 23
  *College Football Lock Of The Month WINNER!: Capital One Bowl, LSU/Penn State Under


February Record: 26 - 17
  **NFL Lock Of The Month WINNER!: New Orleans Saints +5 SUPERBOWL winner.
     (Now 8-0 in Superbowls since 2002!!

  *NCAA Basketball Lock Of The Month WINNER!: Underdog Purdue +2.5 wins outright.


March Record:  20-23
   *NCAA Basketball Lock Of The Month WINNER!: Duke/North Carolina Under 146.5


April Record:  20-11
   *NCAA Basketball Lock Of The MonthWINNER!  Butler -1 vs Michigan State (Final Four)
   *NCAA Championship Game WINNER!  Butler +7.5 vs Duke 


May Record:  16-13
   *MLB Lock Of The Month WINNER!!  Mariners win by 7 runs!


June Record:  19-9
   *NBA Lock Of The Month WINNER!!  NBA Lakers/Celtics.
   *NBA Finals Game 7 Lock Of The Year WINNER!  Under covers by 20 points!!
   *MLB Lock Of The Month WINNER!  Cardinals shut out Blue Jays! 


 July Record:  13-18
   *MLB Lock Of The Month WINNER  SF Giants winner


August Record:  0 - 0
   No picks as we prepare for football.


September Record:  13-4
   *NFL Week 1 Bet double on this game WINNER!!  Miami Dolphins.


October Record:  20 - 14
   *NFL Lock Of The Month WINNER!!  Underdog Patriots +3 win outright.


November Record:  10 - 12
   *NFL Lock Of The Month WINNER!!  St Louis Rams.


December Record:  16 - 6
   *NFL Lock Of The Month WINNER!!  New York Jets.








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